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4th Anniversary Demonstration Against the Marikana Massacre & Murderous Mining moves by MRC in Xolobeni

After the Marikana massacre where 44 people were killed during the strike at Lonmin’s Platinum mine on 16th August 2012 (34 shot dead while trying to disperse, while 10 people died before and after the massacre) the government set up the Farlam Commission which cost R153 million. The police and the striking miners were not asked to give evidence. This ‘inquiry’ failed to ask the right questions (who gave the order to issue guns to the police...and to shoot to kill?) or to address the issues - better wages and living conditions for the mineworkers.

The politicians have shares in the mines, so they cannot hold them accountable. There is, as yet, no compensation for the victims’ families and for the injured miners. Farlam merely recommended another ‘inquiry’ to determine if the suspended National Police Commissioner was ‘fit for office’ (even a blind person could see that she is not fit for office). Meanwhile accommodation for workers Marikana is woefully inadequate, reminiscent of old colonial schemes, ‘houses’ being 40 square meters..!


  • Lonmin must pay compensation to victims families and injured miners, and begin a programme of housing construction for workers
  • Confiscate Lonmin’s capital in tax havens
  • Prosecute Lonmin for environmental destruction and negligence regarding workers' health
  • Charge Lonmin’s then CEO plus Nathi Mthetwa, Riah Phiyega, Jacob Zuma, Cyril Ramaphosa and the lower level killer cops with murder
  • Find the killers of Sikhosiphi Rhadebe! End MRC+ State Terrorism
  • Nationalise the Mines, under workers’ control.

SUPPORTING GROUPS: The Marikana Miners Solidarity Campaign, Caribbean Labour Solidarity, Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum, All Afrikan Peoples Revolutionary Party, Pan-Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe, Global Justice Forum, Colombia Solidarity Campaign, UHURU, MOYO WA TAIFA, CAMPACC, Foil Vedanta, London IWW and others. For more info on this action click here.