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'Harm Minimisation': Assange Meticulously Redacted Docs Before Publication, Defence Witness Says

The US government alleges that WikiLeaks and Assange do not follow standard journalistic practices and unreasonably jeopardised the lives of government informants, but the court heard arguments on Wednesday that in fact the opposite is true.

Sputnik, September 16th 2020

Julian Assange, who is accused by the US government of releasing large numbers of unredacted names of sources, potentially putting them in danger, was engaged in a very "rigorous" process of redaction of the names mentioned in leaked documents before their publication, investigative journalist John Goetz told the Old Bailey on Wednesday, the seventh day of Mr Assange's extradition hearings.

Mr Goetz, who worked extensively with Wikileaks and the other collaborating news outlets on the Afghanistan War Diaries and the Diplomatic Cables and was familiar with the process dealing with the Iraq War Logs, made abundantly clear that Assange was very concerned with "harm minimisation".

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