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CAGE: International Conference: Witnessing the 20-year War of Terror

As part of our International Witness Campaign, we are honoured to invite you to a groundbreaking online international conference.

02 October 2021, 6:00-9:00pm BST

CAGE will hold a series of thought-provoking discussions between cutting-edge minds who have lived through the failure of the War on Terror inshaAllah.

The conference brings together survivors, experts and activists from across the world for informed conversations on a range of key topics: International relations, conflicts, religion, law, Islamophobia and much more.

Expect opinionated panels, nuanced discussions and personal stories.

Check the amazing lineup of speakers, which includes Mullah Abdus salam Zaeef, former Taliban ambassador, a US veteran and many more.

Register for the conference here:

View the flyer for the event here: IWC_20-YEARS-OF-WAR.pdf