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No Snoopers' Charter

The Government’s Draft Communications Data Bill was published in June marking the first step on a slippery slope towards blanket surveillance of the entire population. The Bill proposes to increase the collection and storage of “communications data” – records of email, text and phone calls – for the entire population.

Instead of reversing already problematic powers that allow for mass surveillance, the Coalition wants to go much further: creating a Snoopers’ Charter by any other name. This is an attack on our privacy which is unjustified and unacceptable.

The Government argues that this blanket surveillance will help solve crimes. They may as well argue that putting CCTV in every home in the UK is justified as most domestic residences are bound to become a crime scene eventually.  In 2010 the Coalition promised to “end the storage of internet and e-mail records without good reason”. Yesterday they forgot their promise at the expense of all our privacy. Take action now and say no to the Snoopers’ Charter <> . Tell the Government we are a nation of citizens not suspects.