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Exclusive: leaked document shows Prevent strategy is more about monitoring extremists than safeguarding the vulnerable, campaigners say. The Guardian, 21st February 2020


In May 2019, we marked ten years since the brutal civil war ended, but the consequences of the conflict continue to have an enormous impact on the lives of the people in Ilankai (Sri Lanka).Tamil Information Centre


The British state is now wielding terrorism charges against family members of YPG volunteers even though it is not a banned organisation. The Interregnum, 14th February 2020


Scottish police have a 10-year strategy to roll-out Live Facial Recognition surveillance technology throughout the country by 2026. But their assessment that the impact on human rights would “likely be positive in nature” has just been contradicted by a parliamentary committee. Sputnik News, 12th February 2020


Protesters blocked traffic in Westminster on the evening of 10 February as they denounced the imminent deportation of dozens of British residents to Jamaica. Sputnik News, 11th February 2020


A METROPOLITAN Police scheme to snoop on Londoners using live facial-recognition (LFR) technology is “dangerous” and a “threat to human rights,” privacy campaigners warned today. Morning Star, 24th January 2020


Assange's forced isolation and lack of access to proper medical care in Belmarsh prison has been heavily criticised by the UN expert on torture, as well as by dozens of medical professionals who have demanded that he be transferred to a proper teaching hospital for examination. Sputnik, 24th January 2020


Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange faces up to 175 years in prison in the US on charges relating to his role in publishing classified documents which revealed alleged war crimes perpetrated by US forces in Iraq. Sputnik, 23rd January 2020


Britain’s controversial surveillance/counter-extremism Prevent programme has come under fire once more, this time from over 100 academics, researchers, and campaigners calling on the government to radically overhaul its approach to tackling politically motivated violence. The Canary, 20th January 2020


The call was signed by Philippe Texier, President and vice-presidents Luiza Erundina, Helen Jarvis, Javier Giraldo Moreno and Nello Rossi. ANF News, 8th November 2019


Calling it a PR stunt, UK politician pulls out of ‘private visit’ by carefully selected members of European Parliament.Asia Times, 29th October 2019


The protest marked an important date for Kashmiris as Oct. 27, 1947, was the day the Indian army landed in Kashmir. Around 2,000 Kashmiris living in the U.K. attended the protest. TeleSur, 27th October 2019


On Thursday, the APPGT (All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils) hosted its first-ever conference on Tamil Genocide Recognition in the Houses of Parliament where politicians from across the political spectrum voiced their support in obtaining justice and accountability for the massacres of Tamils. Tamil Guardian, 25th October 2019


Mohamed Elmaazi examines how the Labour Party Conference’s historic pledges on immigration mark a significant departure from the racism and xenophobia which was deeply entrenched in parts of the UK labour movement over the past century.The Interregnum/Pressenza, 2nd October 2019


The Labour Party has passed a historic vote on immigration policy at its party conference in Brighton.

The Canary, 25 September 2019

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