Legislation, rulings & CAMPACC responses

This page contains links to UK parliamentary legislation, rulings and inquiries and related CAMPACC submissions on:
Anti-terrorism legislation

Freedom to protest legislation

Anti-terrorism legislation


CAMPACC Response to the Joint Committee on Human Rights call for evidence concerning the Green Paper on Justice and Security, January 2012

This submission addresses six main areas of proceedings in which secret evidence either is used by the state or may be withheld from the defendent, appellant or claimant; actions to secure compensation for wrongdoing by state agents; trials abroad where an individual seeks disclosure of sensitive material from the UK authorities to assist his or her defence; SIAC; TPIMs; asset freezing orders and appeals against proscription of organisations.

Read the submission here.


Review of Counter-Terrorism and Security Powers 2010

YEAR 10: Six Extraordinary State Powers at the Close of the First Decade of the War on Terror,
Response from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC)

Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc. Bill, 2010

Read the CAMPACC submission to the Joint Committee on Human Rights, October 2010


Counter Terrorism Act 2008

The full text of the Counter Terrorism Act 2008 (pdf)

CAMPACC Submission to the House of Lords on the Counter-Terrorism Bill 2008 (pdf)


Joint Committee on Human Rights Inquiry into Control Orders, February 2006

The report of the JCHR Inquiry into Control Orders, February 2006 (pdf file)

Scotland Against Criminalising Communities press release drawing out the main points of the report

CAMPACC's submission to the JCHR Inquiry into Control Orders (pdf file)


The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005

The full text of the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 (pdf)

CAMPACC's response to the PTA 2005 - No punishment without trial: repeal the political 'control orders'(pdf)


Privy Council Review of the Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001, December 2003

The report from the Privy Council Review, Dec 2003 (pdf)

CAMPACC submission to the Privy Council Review: Terrorising Minority Communities with 'Anti-Terrorism' Powers: their Use and Abuse, August 2003 (pdf)


The Anti-Terrorism Crime & Security Act 2001

Full text of the ATCSA 2001.

An index of the Lord's debates in Hansard's.

The Real State of Emergency. A comprehensive guide to the Anti-Terrorism Act 2001 published by CAMPACC in 2003

Read the Law Lords damning judgement on detention without trial (383kb), 16 December 2004 (pdf)

The end of Internment? CAMPACC statement in reponse to the Law Lords’ ruling on indefinite detention, 23 December 2004.

A Permanent State of Terror?
Published by CAMPACC in association with Index on Censorship, October 2003


The Terrorism Act 2000

Full text of the TA 2000

Hansard's account of Parliamentary debate concerning proscribed organisations.

List of Banned Groups and Entities

Freedom to protest

Joint Committee on Human Rights call for evidence on Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill, Oct 2009

Read CAMPACC's submission welcoming the proposed repeal of the restrictions on protest around Parliament under s132-138 SOCPA but expressing concerns about alternative measures to be put in place. Read the draft legislation here.

Joint Committee on Human Rights Inquiry into Policing and Protest, 2008

JHRC report Demonstrating respect for rights? A human rights approach to policing protest, March 2009 (pdf)

CAMPACC's submission to the JHRC Inquiry into Policing and Protest, June 2008 (pdf)

Government consultation on 'Managing Protest around Parliament', 2008

The consultation document, the report of the consultation and the Constititonal Renewal White Papers, March 2008 (pdf)

CAMPACC response to the government consultation January 2008 (pdf)