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The articles listed here are particularly useful for understanding the effects of anti-terror legislation in the UK.


Global Research is launching a new book entitled: The Globalization of War, America’s “Long War” against Humanity by Michel Chossudovsky. This new book describes America’s hegemonic project in the post 9/11 whereby the U.S.-NATO military machine —coupled with covert intelligence operations, economic sanctions and the thrust of “regime change”— is deployed in all major regions of the world. The threat of pre-emptive nuclear war is also used to black-mail countries into submission.


This is a translation of a handwritten press note in Marathi from 500 political prisoners in Nagpur Jail. The prisoners will be going on a one day hunger strike in Nagpur jail in support of the demand for independent statehood for Vidarbha on 09 December 2013.


By Alison Buckley and Hamma Mirwaisi, 5 December 2013: 'No friends but the mountains' is the expression commonly used by Kurds to describe their political and diplomatic plight in today's rapidly changing Middle East.


In response to the recent detention of journalist Glen Greenwald’s partner under Schedule 7 of the anti-terror laws, CAMPACC members Les Levidow and Ann Gray wrote these letters published in the Guardian newspaper.


By IAN COBAIN (London, Portobello Books, 2012) - Reviewed by Saleh Mamon In Race & Class Volume 55 No 1, July 2013. This is a shameful indictment of the British state, which has long prided itself on its rule of law and fair play. Prompted by increasing revelations of the UK’s sup- port for the US rendition programme, Cobain set out to answer two questions: whether the British government had a secret torture policy; and, if so, whether the responsibility for it went right to the top.


Britain is on the brink of tyranny. The Justice and Security Bill, if it becomes law, will enable judicial trials to be held in secret, and it will even be illegal to tell anyone about them.


As we broadcast from the Freedom to Connect conference, we look at one whistleblower who used the Internet to reveal the horrors of war: U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning. Military prosecutors have decided to bring the maximum charges against Manning after he admitted during a pretrial hearing last week to the largest leak of state secrets in U.S. history. In a bid to secure a reduced sentence, Manning acknowledged on the stand that he gave classified documents to WikiLeaks in order to show the American public the "true costs of war" and "spark a debate about foreign policy."


Fresh calls for justice expected after film detailing alleged civil-war atrocities is shown to UN diplomats.


Dear Sir,
I strongly oppose the Government’s plan in the Justice and Security Bill to extend the controversial Closed Material Procedures (CMP) to ordinary civil law cases and oust the court’s jurisdiction to hear certain Norwich Pharmacal applications for disclosure.


The Joint Committee on Human Rights has today published its second report on the Justice and Security Bill, which reaches its most critical stage next week: report in the House of Commons on 4 March and third reading on 7 March …an update so far on the situation in 2013


Exclusive: Secret war on enemy within - Chris Woods, Alice K Ross, Oliver Wright
Thursday, 28 February 2013
The Government has secretly ramped up a controversial programme that strips people of their British citizenship on national security grounds – with two of the men subsequently killed by American drone attacks.


Adem Uzun is a Kurdish peace activist, politician and member of the Kurdish National Congress (KNK). He was arrested in Paris last October and remains in detention without having been granted bail. Adem was a key negotiator in the Oslo Peace Talks with high level Turkish government representatives, but was arrested just a matter of weeks before the latest peace talks – now known as the Imrali Process – were announced at the beginning of this year.


Victoria Brittain - The Guardian, Wednesday 20 February 2013
What's it like being married to a man who has spent 13 years in UK prisons fighting deportation to the US on terrorism charges – and seeing him finally lose that battle? In an extract from Victoria Brittain's book, Ragaa, the wife of Adel Abdul Bary, tells of the prison visits, the battles with bureaucracy and the struggles to raise a family under extraordinary pressures


Thursday, 28 February, 6.30-8pm; Wilson Room, Portcullis House, Westminster, SW1: To be a lawyer in modern Turkey is to enter an increasingly high risk profession. Many human rights lawyers in Turkey now languish in jail following repeated raids by anti-terror police and special operations squads on the offices of political activists and the arrest of lawyers for representing their clients.


This documentary shows how British Muslims have been kept under surveillance by the British police and MI6 agents:


In a rare live interview, Mumia Abu-Jamal calls into Democracy Now! as the new film, "Long Distance Revolutionary," about his life premieres in New York City this weekend. After 29 years on death row, he is now being held in general population at the Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution – Mahanoy.


October 12th is significant across Latin America as it marks the anniversary of Columbus’ s 1492 landing on Guanahani, in what is now The Bahamas, an event which was the precursor to European colonisation and oppression across the Americas. On Friday, individuals and groups from London’s Latin American communities gathered to show resistance to on-going Western exploitation of their homelands and to historical US hegemony and interference.


Countering insurgencies is as old as states and empires. As a concept, however, study in Counterinsurgency (COIN) gained momentum in the colonial period so as to deal with frequently occurring rebellions in colonies as well as to counter the “communist menace”.


The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) issued judgement in the case of Babar Ahmad and Others v The United Kingdom, thereby making a landmark ruling on the legitimacy of solitary confinement, extreme isolation and life without parole in US supermax prisons (view ECHR press release and ruling).


A presentation Aisha Maniar gave on behalf of CASE (Coalition Against Secret Evidence) at the CAMPACC monthly meeting on Monday 10 September 2012.


The secret justice bill will normalise security force abuses – and undermine the Northern Ireland peace process


The phenomena - or, more precisely, the discource - of 'terrorism' has increasingly come to dominate contemporary international politicis.


Not accidentally, settler states (primarily the United States, Israel and apartheid South Africa) were leaders in the thirty-year development of an entire industry devoted to the study, prevention, and combating of 'terrorism'.


In an act reminiscent of the anti-communist McCarthy witch-hunts in the '50s the Belgian authorities have refused to come clean about why Luk Vervaet has been  blacklisted from working in any of the country's prisons. To do so, they say, would threaten national security, national defence and public order. The Morning Star


The NUJ’s Ethics Council has produced a set of guidelines to help journalists grappling with the problems of reporting police raids on ‘terrorist suspects’.

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A Statewatch report examining how EU policy-makers are affecting civil liberties.


by Henry Porter, The Observer


Marcel Berlins, The Guardian


Gareth Peirce, London Review Of Books


Gareth Peirce, The Guardian


Victoria Brittain, The Guardian


by Paul Donovan, Tribune