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Terror law review highlights collateral damage - Saleh Mamon

In June, the second review of terrorism acts was published by David Anderson, QC, the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation. Given the limits of his remit, he has provided a circumscribed critique. Nonetheless, the report points towards possible reform of the now well-entrenched terrorism laws.

Many organisations from the Muslim community, such as the Muslim Council of Britain, Cageprisoners and Federation of Student Islamic Societies, were also consulted. The report records the views of these communities but the media overwhelmingly failed to pay the slightest attention to them when commenting on the report. From his conversation with the communities, Anderson infers that proscription of organisations such as the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK-Kongra Gel), the Baluch Liberation Front (BLF) and the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) can cause ‘collateral damage’ which impinges upon the everyday life of persons who are not members of the proscribed organisation and hinders the collective life of that community: