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Whose Security? What Intelligence?

A meeting on the Need for an Independent Public Inquiry into the 7/7 London Bombings and public launch of new report: "Inside the Crevice: Islamist terror networks and the 7/7 intelligence failure" by Nafeez Ahmed

6.30-9pm Weds 3 October 2007 at Garden Court Chambers, Lincoln's Inn Fields, WC2 (Holborn tube station)

Chair: Frances Webber Garden Court Chambers

Speakers include:
Nafeez Ahmed, Institute for Policy Research & Development (IPRD)
Detective Superintendent (ret.) Des Thomas, former Deputy Head, CID Constabulary, Hampshire
Les Levidow, CAMPACC
Rachel North, 7/7 survivor, author, Out of the Tunnel
James Oury, Oury Clark Solicitors, representing the 7/7 Inquiry Group
Asad Rehman, Jean Charles De Menezes Family Campaign
Fahad Ansari, Islamic Human Rights Commission

Why was London attacked on 7th July 2005? Why were the attacks not prevented? Initial government responses claimed the Islamist terrorists were 'clean skins', previously unknown to the security services; therefore more staff and more severe anti-terror measures are needed to prevent future attacks.  But there are great discrepancies in the government's account of events leading up to 7/7, in particular Operation Crevice.  Moreover, British 'security' policies at home and abroad have systematically undermined public safety for over the last decade.  Meanwhile, 'anti-terror' powers are serving to divert attention and resources from real threats of terrorist attacks in this country.

This critique has been developed in a parliamentary briefing paper, Inside the Crevice.  In August 2007 it was circulated to members of several UK parliamentary committees, including the Intelligence & Security Committee, Home Affairs Committee, Defence Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee, Joint Human Rights Committee, and Communities & Local Government Committee, as well as ministers and government officials.

The report is cited in the pre-action protocol letter drafted by Oury Clark Solicitors on behalf of the 7/7 Inquiry Group, sent to the Home Secretary. It is also cited in their application for judicial review of the government's decision not to hold an inquiry into the London bombings. Key themes and questions raised in the report, which calls for radical reform of British security policies, will be discussed at this event.

Co-sponsored by:
Baroness Helena Kennedy QC
Institute for Policy Research & Development [IPRD];
Campaign Against Criminalising Communities [CAMPACC];
Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers,

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