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Free Abdullah Ocalan - an Account of the Campaign to Free Abdullah Ocalan and all other Political Prisoners in Turkey

By Alison Buckley and Hamma Mirwaisi, 5 December 2013: 'No friends but the mountains' is the expression commonly used by Kurds to describe their political and diplomatic plight in today's rapidly changing Middle East.

It was first used when strategic political intrigues initiated the downfall of the Median (ancient Kurdish) Empire more than two and a half thousand years ago. Now, after millennia of ideological and territorial occupation, domination and internal struggles, the Kurds are emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the region's hottest trouble spots.

The stakes for both the Kurds and the world are high; Kurdish militias control the passage of oil north from eastern Turkey, major eastern Syrian oil wells, and from their established Kandil mountain base claim territorial rights over vast oil fields in Iraq. The current stripping of oil reserves from western Iranian traditional Median lands is a significant driver for the Kurdish insurgency in the Islamic Republic.

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