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The Globalization of War and the Global Economic Crisis. Is there a Relationship?

Global Research is launching a new book entitled: The Globalization of War, America’s “Long War” against Humanity by Michel Chossudovsky. This new book describes America’s hegemonic project in the post 9/11 whereby the U.S.-NATO military machine —coupled with covert intelligence operations, economic sanctions and the thrust of “regime change”— is deployed in all major regions of the world. The threat of pre-emptive nuclear war is also used to black-mail countries into submission.

There is an intimate relationship between the Globalization of War and the Economic Crisis.  This “Long War against Humanity” is carried out at the height of the most serious economic crisis in modern history. It is intimately related to a process of global financial restructuring, which has resulted in the collapse of national economies and the impoverishment of large sectors of the World population.


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