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National Self-Determination versus the Global ‘Counter-Terror’ Regime: A research and public outreach project

There has been growing conflict between struggles for national self-determination (SD) versus the global ‘counter-terror” regime' and its effects on diasporic communities. 'Anti-terror' legislation has been used to advance the imperialist agendas of governments and a wider military-industrial-securitisation complex. Their agenda has attacked political organisations (as well as others such as lawyers, investigative journalists, publishers) that are perceived to be linked with SD struggles.

CAMPACC is initiating a research and public outreach project critically examining those issues, especially in relation to UK migrant communities. An initial outcome will be a briefing paper drawing upon discussions at workshops that we will organise. These will involve active engagement from various diaspora community groups, researchers, lawyers and academics involved in these issues.

The Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (in association with SOAS Kurdish Society) invites you to a series of three workshops. These will evaluate past experiences of self-determination struggles, analyse current challenges and develop future strategies. The workshops will be held on 21st February (Kurds), 21st March (Tamils) and 18th April (Somalis) in the Brunei Gallery, SOAS.

Please email confirming your attendance to Anna Lau for the 21 Feb workshop and indicate if you are available to attend the other two workshops. Through this series, we hope to build the foundations for cross-community strategies. If you would like to suggest other participants, please send us their email addresses and we will follow them up.


Full leaflet and details here.


Advised reading: For general issues of self-determination, we recommend these two readings:

Radha D’Souza, ‘Imperialism and self determination: Revisiting the nexus in Lenin’, 2013

Abdullah Ocalan, Democratic Confederalism, 2011,

For the first workshop, on the Kurdish liberation movement, see this page for readings: Kobane, the Rojava Revolution and the Kurdish Struggle: Useful Resources