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How can we stop the crimes of MI5?

CAMPACC letter published in The Independent

After further revelations about "How MI5 blackmails British Muslims" (21 May), it would be easy to say such practices are no surprise. As a letter on 22 May said, "The security services normally achieve their ends by means that would otherwise be illegal or immoral".

For at least the past couple of decades, MI5 has been blackmailing refugees to act as informers about political activities in this country. Such practices have intensified as MI5 gained more resources since the "war on terror". MI5 has often given other governments disinformation about UK residents so they would be detained and tortured as "terror suspects" when travelling abroad, some ending up in legal black holes.

In some cases, the motive is punishment for non-co-operation. Individuals here have also been put under control or deportation orders, based on secret "evidence" obtained by pressuring individuals here or abroad.

MI5 "intelligence-gathering" blurs political dissent with plans for violent activities. It follows (or perhaps leads) government policy in targeting "extremist ideology", broadly defined to encompass widespread views in this country. This vague scope is explicit in the Government's Contest 2 policy, officially called The United Kingdom's Strategy for Countering International Terrorism.

In the name of protecting "national security", the UK security services spread fear, distrust and disinformation. They aim to terrorise and silence dissent against the UK's support for oppressive regimes abroad. How can we stop MI5's crimes? Who will hold them accountable?

Les Levidow
Campaign Against Criminalising Communities, London NW5