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INDIA FOCUS: Over 80 Palestinian, Latin American and International Organisations Send a Powerful Message of Solidarity to Arrested Human Rights Activists

n the wake of the arrests of human rights activists and lawyers by Pune police in relation to the Bhima Koregaon case, over 80 Palestinian, Latin American and members of international organisations have sent a message of solidarity to the arrested activists. Indian Cultural Forum - Solidarity Statement against Repression, 18 September 2018.

They demand their release and also an end to draconian laws that are used as tools to stifle dissent. In their statement they observe that this pattern of targeting is common to right-wing governments across the world. They also highlight the close ties between India and Israel, and see it as part of Israel’s connection to right wing regimes across the world through exchanges of weapons, technology and ideology. This is exemplified in the militarisation of public life and civil dissent as we are seeing today in India. They call for solidarity amongst movements across the world to struggle against militarism and stifling of dissent.

Read their solidarity message and endorsements here.