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‘Blatantly xenophobic’ and ‘shameful’ anti-refugee laws are passed by new Hungarian government, says UN

Hungary is at the forefront of delivering nativist and xenophobic laws that target refugees, migrants, and those that assist them. But the state is only a canary in the coal mine. - Mohamed Elmaazi, OpenDemocracy; 4 July 2018

On World Refugee Day, 20 June 2018, Hungary passed anti-migrant laws championed by right-wing nationalist Prime Minister, Viktor Orban.

The Hungarian parliament voted overwhelmingly to pass the legislative package by 180 votes 18.

Amnesty International blasted the laws as ‘draconian’. The UN has decried them as “shameful”.

The Council of Europe is the latest major organisation to weigh in. On 25 June it demanded that the rules pertaining to “illegal immigration” be ‘repealed’. On 26 June 2018, it released its full report.

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