Communities targeted for harassment and prosecutions

Anti-terror laws used against Tamils
The UK Terrorism Act 2000 is the basis for banning the Liberation Tigers of the Tamil Eelam (LTTE) as a ‘terrorist’ organisation.

Anti-terror laws used against Kurds
The UK Terrorism Act 2000 is the basis for banning the Kurdish organisations as ‘terrorist’. In 2006 Britain banned Kongra-Gel (People’s Congress of Kurdistan) as an organisation that ‘glorifies terrorism’.

Anti-terror laws used against the Baloch
Under the Terrorism Act 2000, two Baloch human rights activists were prosecuted for supposedly supporting terrorism in Balochistan.  The trial revealed joint efforts by 'security' agencies in the UK and Pakistan to silence dissent against Pakistani state terrorism.  The defendants were acquitted in early 2009.

New CAMPACC briefings (Dec 2010)

briefingsCAMPACC has produced 4 new briefings on how different communities are affected by anti-terror laws, available to download (pdf format):

Baluchistan under state terror: The UK ban on the Baluchistan Liberation Army

Euskal Herria: The struggle for independence in the Basque Country and the impact of ‘terrorist’bans

The UK ban on the PKK: Persecuting the Kurds

The Tamils of Sri Lanka - oppressed at home and persecuted in the UK