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In 2000, the UK passed the Terrorism Act 2000 – one of the most draconian pieces of legislation in its history. Now, the state wants even more power. The Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill 2018 is a dangerous new development apparently aimed at further criminalising speech and dissent in the UK. It was first revealed on 6 June, with no debate. Its second reading is scheduled for 11 June 2018. - Mohamed Elmaazi, The Canary; 8 June 2018


An “official” document from British “counter-terrorism” police lists anti-fascists, animal rights campaigners, and supporters of the Kurdish-led anti-terror fighters of the YPG as extremists – alongside neo-nazi and other far-right extremists. - Mohamed Elmaazi, The Canary; 25 May 2018


On 18th May the British Tamil Forum and other groups held their annual rally commemorating the 2009 massacre at Mullivaikkal by the Government of Sri Lanka (GSL).


The Uttar Pradesh government has extended the application of the draconian National Security Act on Bhim Army chief, Chandrashekhar Azad, by another three months. The period for which the NSA applied on Azad was due to expire on May 2. With another three-month extension, the NSA will now be applicable on Azad till August 2. - The Wire, 2 May 2018


Two recent incidents of rape have been widely covered and debated in the media. ... However, violence against women, Dalits and other marginalized communities and weaker sections of society is nothing new in India. If we care to look back at our history, it is replete with such instances. Yet there is something new, far more dangerous and disturbing in the violence that we see around us everyday.- Vagraj Badarayan, The Citizen, 16 April 2018


Emergence of Jignesh Mevani in Gujarat and Chandrashekhar Azad in UP as Dalit leaders reflect the predicament of conventional leaders attached to political parties - Sujata Anandan, National Herald, 15 April 2018


The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have an approach to what they call “partnering” with communities that purports to help prevent youth from engaging in terrorism, and they want psychologists and other mental health professionals to help implement it. This approach is currently implemented only with Muslim communities, in spite of the long history of well-documented violent extremism on the part of non-Muslims. - Psychology Today, 28 March 2018


Campaigners and victims of political policing withdrew en masse from the Mitting Inquiry today, frustrated at the judge's insistence on protecting the identity of police officers involved in deceptive relationships and infiltration of the Lawrence campaign. - Mohamed Elmaazi, OpenDemocracyUK, 21 March 2018


This is a message to all CAMPACC supporters. The General Election on 8 of June is a critical for our future. Theresa May as Home Secretary under David Cameron has played a key role in pushing through some key police powers which criminalise innocent people. There are many issues that we face. Here we are going to focus on the issues that CAMPACC has been working on for a long time. For each issue, we are going to give you some background information and then suggest the kind of questions you can put to prospective parliamentary candidates.


In Britain, nearly 4,000 soldiers have been deployed to support local police departments in the wake of a suicide bombing that killed 22 people and injured dozens at a concert on Monday night. - Democracy Now, 24 May 2017


They asked for my password and I declined. Now I am being threatened with prison... I am not alone in this. Around 50,000 people in the UK are stopped each year while travelling. None of them are ever suspected of a crime. In my case, this has happened more than 20 times. -, 17 May 2017


Snowden among more than 100 signatories to open letter to president calling for clemency for Julian Assange and other WikiLeaks staff members - The Guardian, 15 May 2017


As Barack Obama’s second term as US president comes to an end, much has been said and written about his achievements, or in the case of the Guantánamo Bay prison camp, his failure to close it. One of his first actions upon being elected president for the first term in early 2009 was signing an executive order to the effect that Guantánamo would close within one year. Over 40 prisoners remain as he leaves office. - Aisha Maniar, One Small Window, 17 January 2017


Please see the appeal from India Matters UK for the release of Prof. Saibaba and five others. IMUK invites you to a meeting in London on 06 April (venue tba) to discuss how we might take this campaign forward. If you are able to organise events, meetings or other activities in support of this campaign please contact us. Please circulate this appeal to your networks.

IMUK is deeply concerned about the decision of the Sessions Court in Gadchiroli, in India’s State of Maharashtra to sentence Prof. G. N. Saibaba to life imprisonment along with five others under the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA)...(a pdf version of this appeal is attached)


In the wake of the terror attacks in England, France, Germany and elsewhere, can we finally admit that the war on terror is an utter and complete failure? - Global Research, 23 March 2017

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