CAMPACC's response to the PTA 2005

"Without the protection for the individuals who make up society, society itself founders. Nor is there a balance to be struck between the rights of individuals and national security: national security depends upon every individual in this country having inalienable rights. We have not voted for you as our representatives for you to throw these away"
Gareth Peirce in a plea to parliamentarians, A stampede against justice, The Guardian, 8 March 2005

No punishment without trial: repeal the political 'control orders'

Despite huge opposition from the public and the House of Lords, the Prevention of Terrorism Act is now law. In the name of ‘anti-terror' measures, the new ‘control orders' treat people as guilty. They are branded forever as individuals ‘involved in terrorism-related activity'. These measures violate a fundamental principle: innocent until proven guilty and the right to a fair trial. They punish individuals for what they might do, not what they have done. Already such orders have restricted association, telephones and internet use, while imposing electronic tagging. Later these powers may be extended to house arrest. Any breach of such conditions could lead to imprisonment. More people may have new orders imposed at any time.

Our demands

1. Prosecution of officials who colluded in the illegal detention and torture of prisoners at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and other illegal centres abroad.

2. Apology and compensation by the government to those held for three years in a form of detention contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights, under ‘anti-terror' powers in Britain's own Guantanamo - Belmarsh and Woodhill Prisons. Withdrawal of ‘information' likely to have been obtained by torture.

3. Association: let the former detainees be free to meet and communicate with the media and the government's critics, and address public events.

4. No acceptance of evidence gained through torture under any conditions

5. No extradition or deportation of suspects to USA and other countries where human rights and freedom from torture are not guaranteed

6. Stop criminalising Muslim, refugee and minority communities under the anti~terror laws.