Initial CAMPACC signatories

Petition presented to the Prime Minister Tony Blair at Downing St, on 8 June 2002

Dear Prime Minister,

We are presenting to you an appeal against the recent anti-terrorism acts. It is signed by 1,217 citizens from various communities and organisations of the UK, in response to our Campaign Against Criminalising Communities over the past two months.

As the appeal clearly indicates, large sections of the population strongly oppose the Terrorism Act 2000 and the Ant-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001. We believe that they are both fundamentally anti-democratic pieces of legislation posing serious dangers to our basic civil liberties. They can have no place on the statute books of a country that claims to uphold democracy.

In particular, the laws have widened the definition of "terrorism" to such an extent that political dissent is rendered suspect. People are being unjustly criminalised for taking part in legitimate forms of political protest, and the anti-terrorism laws will aggravate this problem. Under the ATCSA 2001, already several people have been interned for an indefinite period, with no clear recourse to the courts.

We hope that you will give full and careful consideration to our appeal.

Yours sincerely,


Lord Rea
Harold Pinter
Arthur Miller
Noam Chomsky
Mark Thomas Edward Albee (Playwright, US)
James Kelman (novelist)
Christine Blower (National President NUT 1997-98)
Andrew Gilchrist (FBU General Secretary)
George Monbiot (writer, journalist)
Michael Holroyd (English PEN)
Mark Steel (journalist)
Adrian Mitchell (Poet)
Mimi Khalvati (writer)
Tony Benn
John Austin MP
Rudi Vis MP
Piara Khabra MP
Kevin McNamara MP
Ian Hueghton MEP (SNP, Scottish Parliament)
Robin Harper (MSP, Scottish Parliament)
Lloyd Quinan (MSO, Scottish Parliament)
Diana Wallis MEP
Jean Lambert MEP (Green Party)
Penny Kemp (Chair Executive Green Party of England and Wales)
Caroline Lucas MEP (Green Party)
Nick Hildyard (The Cornerhouse)
Ned Parish (Plaid Cymru)
Cynog Dafis AM (Plaid Cymru)
Dr Dai Lloyd AM (Plaid Cymru)
R Thomas AM (Plaid Cymru)
R.C.Lwyd AM (Plaid Cymru)
Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM (Plaid Cymru)
Meic Llewellyn (Welsh musician)
Gareth Peirce (lawyer)
Mark Muller (barrister)
Hugo Charlton (barrister, Green Party spokesperson for human rights)
Danny Bates (Federation of London Greens; Hackney Green Party)
Ralph Fertig (Humanitarian Law Project US)
Dr Mohammed M.A.Ahmed (Ahmed Foundation for Kurdish Studies, US)
Hilary Wainwright (Editor "Red Pepper")
Tim Gopsill (NUJ; editor "Journalist")
Gibby Zobel (News Editor "The Big Issue")
Frances Webber (barrister)
Stephanie Harrison (Barristers Chamber)
Yasha Maccanico
M Sonia Antolin (Timmis & Co Solicitors)
Louis Charalambous (Solicitor and legal officer National Civil Rights Movement)
Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui (Leader of The Muslim Parliament of Great Britain)
Peter Morris (formerly Director of Policy UNISON; barrister)
Desmond Fernandes (Lecturer, De Montfort University, Bedford)
Amicia M.Young (MSF trade union; Liberty)
John Miller (PCS; Cumbernauld)
William Gowans (Dundee City Council, Joint Shop Stewards Committee)
Brian Wilson (West Indian poet and musician)
Puch de Raadt (The Bail Circle)
Rosy Bremer (Bid South)
Kenji Urata (Waseda University School of Law, Japan)
Beth Lyons (Staff Attorney, Criminal Appeals Bureau, US)
Akthar Hussain (Advocate Supreme Court, Karachi, Pakistan)
Prof. Nijkura Osamu, (Attorney at Law, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan)
Hans Brandscheidt (medico international, Frankfurt, Germany)
George Evgeniou (Director, Theatro Technis)
Andreas Gavrielides (Greek-Kurdish Solidarity Committee)
The Socialist Alliance (as a National Organisation):
Louise Christian (SA, Hornsey and Wood Green)
John Nicholson (Greater Manchester Socialist Alliance)
Weyman Bennett (SA Tottenham)
Cecilia Prosper (SA , Hackney South and Shoreditch)
Kambiz Boomla (SA, Holborn and St Pancras)
Greg Tucker (Waterloo RMT and SA PPC for Streatham)
Mike Marqusee (Author)
Liz Davies (Former Member, Labour NEC)
Jane Kelly (Socialist Alliance)
Felicity Arbuthnot (journalist)
David Morgan (Socialist History Society)
Mark Campbell (Kurdistan Solidarity)
Gill Newsham (Index on Censorship)
Onay Kasab (Greenwich Unison)
Alex Fitch
Sarah Parker (Kurdish Asylum Seekers Campaign)
Diyari Kurdi (Kurdish Asylum Seekers Campaign)
Alan Gibson (Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers; Chair, NUJ London magazine branch, pc)
Alain Hertzmann (MSF London)
Angela Sibley (NUT Hackney)
George Binette (Camden UNISON)
Haldi Sheahan, teacher
Yashar Ismailoglu (Co-ordinator, Halkevi)
Dara Jamal (Peace in Kurdistan)
Hewa Jaff (Peace in Kurdistan)
Iskender Ozden
John Bannon (Kurdistan Solidarity Committee)
S. Maharasingham (Tamil Action Committee)
Andrew Penny
Maggie Ronayne (academic, National University of Ireland, Galway)
Daniel Callanan (Galway Sinn Fein)
Birgit Erdmann (Women's Action Group, Ireland)
Peter Vandenberg (Women's Action Group, Ireland)
Galway Socialist Workers Party
Sam Robson (Branch Secretary Newcastle SWP; school RE: NUT)
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
W.G.J. Wildschut (Kurdistan Solidarity Group Arnhem, Belgium)
Bert Bakkenes (Dutch Solidarity Movement)
John O. (NCAD, TG&WU)
Stalingrad O'Neill (Branch Sec Birmingham&Coventry NUJ)
Judith Carter (Islington Law Centre)
Wesley Gryk (lawyer)
Alex Yannis (Ecologists of Chios, Greece)
Chris Den Hond (journalist, Belgium)
Stop the war against the Kurdish people campaign (150 org & individuals in Belgium)
Alan Brooke (Kirklees Refugees And Friends Together (KRAFT)
Maggie Bowden (Liberation)
Juliana Johann (PhD student - London)
Margaret Jones (writer, Bristol England)
Sarah Williams (Cardigan, Wales) etc
Angharad Penrhyn Jones (TV producer, Wales)
Eleanor Hick (Wales)
Ben Gregory (Penygroes, Wales)
Jim Bowen (WWales Rural Centres Network)
Cyhylyn J.Waugh (Wales)
William Owen (Friends of Clynfyw)
Wyn Richards (lawyer, Wales)
Daviel Payne (teacher, Wales)
Alexandra Plows (Gwynedd and mon earth first! Wales) etc
Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP)
IRSP Committees of North America
Tony Openshaw (NW Coordinator NCADC)
Andrew Gibbons (MSF trade union)
Ben Robinson
S.Marsden (NATFHE trade union)
Maddy Cooper (Socialist Alliance)
Carol Ives (NATFHE trade union)
Clarence Jackson (SWP)
Mark Evans
Jeremy Langford
Mike Alakija
Dave Charlton (ISO, Australia)
Derek Hibbett (SWP)
Vicky Birch
Paul Quirk (SWP and People not Profit)
Dave Smith (Socialist Alliance)
Keith Fry (SWP)
O yildiz (SWP)
Marion Doherty (SWP)
N.J.Gold (SWP)
A Stewart
Mary McFarlane (SWP)
Alia Dash
Derek Hibbett (SWP)
Milke Alakija
Spyros Yzortziz (SWP)
I.Bloemraad (MOCAKAUK; Social and critical archive of the Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus)
Walter Buchanan (Nove, Scotland)
Tania Kyriakou (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
Richard Leigh
Johanne Godin, Bristol
A.F.Nizar (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Garry McGarvvey (PSC, Edinburgh)
Adnan Jacob (Socialist Party, Edinburgh)
Ouranios Tramalovicae (University of Edinburgh)
D M/Intosh (SPSA, Edinburgh)
Aileen Dowling (Unversity of Glasgow)
Alex Astaras (University of Edinburgh)
Dimitria Nassibian (Edinburgh)
A.Khwaya (Aberdeen, Scotland)
Daniela Bolle (Edinburgh)
K.Kryiakou (University of Edinburgh)
Raymond Watt (Scottish Socialist Party)
Mortaza Sahibzada
Alan Dykes (Socialist Appeal, Scotland)
Caroline Austin (photographer)
Martin Collins, director Britain & Ireland Human Rights Group
Jaffer Clarke, Muslim Parliament
Frances Webber, barrister
Ralph Smyth, barrister
Dr Kay Goodall, lecturer School of Law, University of Glasgow
David Morgan, Socialist History Society
Anne Gray
Les Levidow
Tony Callaghan, Index on Censorship
Andrew Kendle
Mrs T Shapur
Jo Younis
Maggie Bowden, Liberation
Hesuk Song, Liberation
Roland Rance, Walthamstow Trades Union Council
T. Hemmings
B. Hayes
Shayna Barby
Bill Linton
Eric Levy
Paul Fryday, Babylon Project
Chris Willis
Birgul Kutan
Oliver Nissen
C. Cratchor
Wayne Bartlett, Babylon
C. Conwy
H. Sag, University of London
Iman Hashim
Paul Pawlowski, Secretary, Republican Party of England
Teresa Hayter, NUJ/Campaign to Close Campsfield
Ann Garrett, Sec Bromley and Beckenham CND
Pegeen O'Sullivan, Wolfe Tone Society
David Polden, Nuclear Trains Action Group, London CND
Campaign Against Racism and Fascism (CARF)
Joe Tunmer
Leon Rosselson, writer/musician
Paul Clark, Sussex CPB
Angie Birtill, Kilburn T&G
Breffni O'Rourke, Cumann Celtika
Jo Makepeace, SchNEWS
W Messom
Zedda Robinson, Labour Party pensioner
Rhona Badham, CND
Tania Earnshaw
Tom Vickers
Galen White
Mary Edwards (Palestine Solidarity Campaign)
Claire Fauset (People and Planet)
Barbara Clark
W.G. Maughtin
Stig J Hauser
Zafar Khan (Kashmiri academic)
Lyndsey Broadhead
Isa Fremeaux
Rachel Dix (GMB)
T Marrinan (MSF)
C.F. Parkham
John McPartlin
Janet Maiden (SWP/UNISON)
Mike Gonzales (Scottish Socialist Party)
Huseyin Ates
D.H. Demetriou (Socialist Alliance)
Jeanne Boyle (MSF)
Anne Levenson
Nihal Ates
Bill Edgington (CWU/SWP)
Pat Boyle (SWP)
Tony Risllid (LFA/UNISON)
Steve Myers
Graham Cee (RMT/London Underground)
Simon Hannah (Revolution)
Colin Yates (SWP/CWU)
Colin walker (SWP/MSF/SA)
Lucinda Wakefield (SWP)
David Spencer (Coventry Socialist Alliance)
Bea Kay (SWP)
Richard Stephens (SWP)
Tony Connolly (SSP)
Adenike Johnson (SWP/UNISON)
Doug Morgan (UNISON/SSP)
Peter Bull
Vincent Editins (SSP)
Keith White (Scottish Socialist Party)
Talha Burki
G Shaw
Keith McKenna (NUT)
Rosie Jones (SWP)
Maureen Levin (SWP/UNISON)
Sean Harrison (SWP/UNISON)
Stephen Bailey (ANL)
Nancy Lindisfarne
Laurence Cliffe (SWP)
T Sanders (NUJ)
V Dawes (UNISON)
Paul Thatcher (Socialist Alliance)
Toby Gibbons (SWP)
Howard Cole (SWP)
Sophie Gosselin (ATTAC)
Alan Taylor (SSP)
David Lee (SWP)
Henry Dare (SWP)
Marc Bruster (FPC)
Constandinos Psaria (SWP)
Gagla Incedal
Reyhan Tepal
Phaedon Vassiliades
Ouhe Yigit (SWP)
Dr David Renton
James Doleman (Scottish Socialist Party)
Jamie McLeavy
M Regan
Steve Hible (SWP)
Li-Lan WU
Jenny Walker (SSP)
D Ratcliffe (Socialist Alliance)
Yousef Asfour (SWP)
A Drage (KBU)
W James (FBU)
James Ripley (UCL)
Teresa Garcia (IR)
Alan Thomas (SA)
Ken Macleod
Joel Kenrick
Gulden Hasani (SWP)
Tony Watling (UCL)
Lionel McCalman (UEL)
Ottaui (ATTAC)
Bijan Kamali (UCL)
Ian Mitchell (SSP/SWP)
Elizabeth Thomson
Ralph Stirrat (SWP)
Tope Olukemi (UCL)
Richard Taylor
Daisy Bruce-Dick
Sophie Thomas
Tom Kay
Rion Hall
Nazife Korkmaz
Shera Bayan
Besime Has
Aydan Asan
M Sherabayani
Yilmaz Kerec
Nazim Oznur
Dondu Dogus
Mustafa Dogus
Ali Esen
Ibrahim Aksoy
Kemal Eyyupoglu
Engisl Lale
Aliriza Yaman
Kemali Bozkurt
Enizi Jut
Fatma Gomulu
Cahit Gomuli
Sukris Dogan
Kamuran Babahan
Sabir Kerimi
Ser Asani
Acilli Ibrahim
Yusuf Erbil
Hasan Eren
Aytag Gisi
Murray Cooper
Ayse Dere
Guima Kurban
Cuma Cullu
Baris Kiles
Huseiyn Guteu
Rukiye Keles
Ayse Keles
Bulent Keles
Hasan Keles
Guzide Keles
Bengul Zengin
Rahime Erogu
Gulay Yeter
Altav Zengin
Sinan Maltas
Ctmal Karakus
Huseyin Sahgul
S Polat
Mucaffet Giptsiocfu
Hasan Dogan
Hatice Dogus
Huseyin Dogus
M Alicetintayan
Cahit Cetinkaye
Yicmaz Cetinkaya
Diyle Asan
Nigoer Asan
Baran Asan
Coulistan Asan
Sultan Asan
Mehmet Asan
Huseyin Kandemursu
Isa Kancet
Melcyeddin Yagmur
Telcin Yazmur
Fuat Ding
Hasan Gucmen
Kahir Yahmaz
Kibar Erdal
Abbas Dogan
Bayram Kabala
Metin Argalioglu
Haydar Sasmaz
Aziz Hzkar
Hasan Cengin
Huseyin Aslan
Mesut Sarikaya
Gulak Tonbui
Hasan Ozkulluk
Duran Kubulan
Mahmut Demirlus
Tuncay Akpinar
Infan Erden
Aydin Keklik
Eyap Bayar
Mahsuni Keles
Yusuf Mic
Gul Ozlas
Ismail Akodean
Hatun Onur
Eyup Terbas
Ismail Dogus
Alu Tipk
Okkas Tapu
Ramazam Tipk
Dogan Gelile
Mecnism Gelile
Bektai Kilinc
Meral Bozat
Asiye Erbil
Ivfan Colak
Huseyin Karakus
Hasan Olkun
Rahime Olkun
Ozgyri Olkun
Hatunt Olkun
Sinan Olkun
Bektas Erdogan
Eyup Taplei
Haisari Top
Mehmet Top
Eren Top
Sengul Top
Mazum Aslan
Ekrem Aksu
Mehti Gayir
Kemal Ipek
Tufani Doyan
Eylem Berkeihar
Kennal Berkpinar
Guiser Opan
Rifat Opan
Suleyman Dogan
D Lersimi
Musharrem Yuksel
Hasan Ovayolu
Sislefmuon Ovayolu
Bulent Hag
Nuran Caklas
Ali Ekper Yeter
Alis Hag
Serap Hag
Sespil Hag
Ilgas Hag
Mehmet Gul
Cengru Caskur
Veli Tasyurdu
Ali Sahin
Hamza Bayron
Namat Turan
Seydi Kurt
Deniz Suhin
Yilmig Eahin
Gazel Kaya
Guler Kaya
Gulten Caskun
Deniz Karakaya
Mustaf Dogus
Donud Dogus
Uipn Ivou
Nell Walters
Carol Garvey
Andrew Hall
Sarchell Jaff
Aso Ali
Luk Manali
George Germanou
Eleni Germanou
Niki Orphanide
Huseyin Akarsu
Sulymon Ongun
Ibrahim Aslan
Farettin Ouer
Deniz Oubek
Seher Oubek
Yeter Oubek
Judith Amanthis (African Liberation Support Campaign)
Mustafa Pamuk
Alpaslan Ozkan
Sadrye Duzu
Ismet Dogan
Fatma Surirdik
Berfin Duzen
Sabri Duzen
Yilmaz Duzen
M.A. Tospaglu
Hasan Duzen
I. Murat Aram
Lutfu Doagn
Mehmet Demir
Vedat Gunes
Bayram Kilcuk
Hali Milut
Fikret Aksog
Imam Paker
Medine Sahin
Dilek Sahin
Seraf Sarica
Guley Saltan
Yakup Yalcin
Mehemt Tonbul
Kemal Erdogan
Meryem Gigulc
Hamit Deniz
Sadreffin Tuncel
Mehmet Gunaf
Ceuahir Sahin
Saim Sahim
Yusuf Obcan
Hasan Gunes
Haci Tasan
A. Ekber Suresoy
Kirag Sumuy
Kalender Karagay
Boyram Saltan
Mediha Dogan
Meryam Dogan
Murat Sarioglu
Mustafa Igoz
Fatma Igoz
Ozgur Igoz
H. Surensoy
Fatos Mayil
Huseyin Gutau
Ali Adnan Kirkhi
Huseyin Aksoy
Seyran Curgurn
Hasan Cosgun
Riza Dogan
Erdal Dogan
Selatin Dogan
Zorhe Dogan
Hasan Dogan
I Huseyin Yanar
Sultan Yanar
Meltem Yanar
Hasan Yanar
Taner Yanar
Mehmut Akkeya
Umut Akca
Eylemi Sonmez
Vefa Sonmez
Gullizar Sonmez
Elif Sonmez
Sevim Tonbul
Fadime Yildiz
Kamuran Babahan
Erhan Babahan
Ali Baba Ekinu
Yeter Babahan
M. Selim Babahan
Ismail Kaya
Bayram Kaya
Murat Demir
Yetdiray Yudumay
Bedreddin Duncel
Ozlem Arslan
Elif Dogan
Ulayir Arslan
Mehmet Kukuk
Vatan Deniz
Hasan Onur
Fitret Ginku
Huseyin Bekfasgki
Halil Zengin
Salman Akarca
Cunhui Dogan
Robin Smith
Nigel Heath
Kevin Maier
Giovanna Caracriti
T Fennick, NUT trade union
Diane Langford, NUJ trade union
A Kemal
Kevin Johnson
Ruth Pixcey
Jill Leaberry
Simon Kisby
John Brown
C Prosser
F Clarke
V Firnberg
Michael Mora, NATFHE trade union
Jason Stoakley
J Penn, PSC
Erisa Katono
Yvonne Williams, LARAG
Rossana Lead
Hoda Rouhana
M Kurtz
Umut Gezer
Clare Mulgrew
Sam Gurney, GMB trade union
A.S. Dualeh
C Blackman
Anne Gibbons
Mary Gardner
Del Flanagan
Ciaran Bonner
P Gray
M Boylan
M McArdle
D McGleenan
J.P.D. Callaghan
M Prior
S Garver
M Bourke
T McKedy
E Breum
J Rake
D Hunt
J Noone
F Lennan
P Connolly
S Green
J Globe
J Dore
James Gillespie
Gerard Farrell
Paul Cunnings
Kenneth Campbell
Pauline Murphey
Maurice Moore
Tim Logan
Ed Spring
Yvonne Gallato
Lucia Otto
K Relihan
W McEntee
Sean Home
J Lydon
J Coen
I Murray
Breof Finiolorde
Cathy Johns
John Foley
Claire Murphy
Angela McAndrew
Nick Mullen
Sean Holohan
Jim Gorden
Sean NcElroy
P O'Donnell
M Ferguson
F Gallagher
B O'Hoile
J Beirne
C McNelis
P Knoffie
D McSweeney
R Mollas
M McMahon
L Caseig
C Leary
P McGowan
J Harper
M Groarke
E Farrell
T Murphy
Peter Leary
P McEwan
Nocsib Guvercin
Mehmet Kuthiay
Riza Aygun
Ozguv Dogan
Hatice Dogan
Huseyin Dogan
Timo Dogan
Abdial Dogan
Gulalay Dogan
Munduv Dogan
Hhuseyin Siukas
Sevpil Basyurt
Amad Mirza
Sanas Basyurt
Diyevri Kurdi
M Sahpal
Ali Busyurt
Aysel Basyurt
Mustafa Basyurt
Polin Basyurt
Gursel Basyurt
Senem Basyurt
Abdullah Aksahin
Buyram Basyurt
Guldiye Yildiz
Huseyin Yildiz
Nilgun Kilic
Huseyin Kilic
Sakine Kilic
Filis Ulger
Gulu San
Memet Ulger
Bitast Ulger
Huseyin Ulger
Janma Ulger
Elig Yildirim
Salman Yildirim
Mustafa Kucukbalaban
Zohre Yildirim
Ali Aslan
Oytta Yildirim
Ali Yildirim
Mahmut Demibiai
Haydar Sahan
Trahium Doehi
Mustafa Beran
Huseyin Kaydir
Yasuf Koz
Mustafa Has
Mehmet Suhan
Bulent Has
Agit Derinyer
Ahmet Baghadar
Mehnet Baghadar
Muharrem Basyurt
Fikret Xavuz
Selahtiu Dogai
Riza Dogai
Gulay Yavuz
E-Aydin Dogai
Zohne Dogai
Baran Geuk
Kamry Karakoc
Cennel Kerakoc
Cevelef Kerakoc
Songul Gumus
Hason Gumus
Ali Denmez
Ali Bakir
F-Murat Gauidagli
Erdal Erdogan
Tacin Dogan
Ubrahim Surensoy
Abuzer Ozer
Vakkas Kail
Mehmet Ozdemir
Seyit Aksu
Hasan Ozabemn
Caner Sahin
Mahir Gul
Hasun Kaya
Yilmaz Ozdemir
Yuksel Unlu
Hasan Turunaz
Songul Turunaz
Zohre Turunaz
Helin Turunaz
Hali Kaba Goz
Salih Yaprak
Niyozi Kirag
Lokman Karaaslan
Cofer Soree
Doue Soree
Inan Bolat
Ali Abbas
Betul Bakag
Ali Riza Akdag
Kahraman Cicek
Hasan Isti
Celal Yuyasel
Mehmet Yildiz
Hasan Edebag
Mustafa Kacakurt
Mustafa Gakir
Cihan Belcem
Hayri Ucar
Joan Gonealos
A Maydere Kolgah
Pana Kolgak
Nurettin Tiikidog
Fatma Gonidagli
Segd Valilas Ganidagh
Zilan Ganidagh
Revsan Ganidagh
Dili Rencirkira
Mehmet Ganidagh
Pano Dogan
Mehemt Gelik
Ibrahim Yenisel
Gihan Gapan
Fatrethu Maeogh
Ayse Bekem
Erdal Bekem
Ari Sherabayani
Shuan Sherabayani
Bakhtyar Sherabayani
Aso Sherabayani
Sila Kizil
Dilber Kizil
Aziz Kizil
Firat Sis
Bekir Yilmaz
Mehmet Yesilkaga
Mehmet Sezek
Eililten Sezek
Sevda Sezek
Kaan Sezek
Resul Dogau
H. Ali Toprak
Nurgul Toprak
Meral Toprak
H Comak
Ismet Mutlu
Fidan Dereli
Nasir Dereli
Dogan Uz
Mustafa Gok
Ali Yildiz
Huseyin Tasyurdu
Garip Kurful
Haci Sarun
Haseyin Karaus
Hasan Bukre
Aygul Bukre
Ibrahim Kervanda
Hasan Uytun
Babahan Kibar
Servan Kibar
Dilan Kibar
Bedrum Kibar
Vakkas Kervanda
Giran Oscan
Elif Kaydul
Huseyin Kaydul
Salman Kaydul
Ali Yildiz
Ali E. Bislat
Aylag Torriverdi
Yesimi Yeiy
Ahmet Merig
Tevfi Tilcici
Hani Pe
M. Salih Babaham
Ali Babahan
Ali Aydin
Veli Kaye
Tahir Keklik
Hediye Akbal
Ercan Akbal
Fereshte Nalim
Tevik Eroglu
Done Eroglu
Elif Zarali
Mehmet Sallanci
Pirittan Kaplan
Ayniuk Kaplan
Kazim Kaplan
Serdan Simsek
Onder Gezer
Ismail Taha
Metin Kaya
Huniye Caunes
Ibraham Dogus
Hasan Gezer
Medihe Dogas
Beynel Onur
Cihan Onur
Zuliye Onur
Ibrahim Akpinar
Gullu Akpinar
Sahin Mert
Ali Onur
Huseyin Tu
Getin Tonbuh
Mazlum Akdogi
Mehmekan Ozturk
Hasan Denunfag
Subriye Denunfag
Ali Denunfag
Cemal Denunfag
Mustafa Denunfag
Done Dersimli
Ido Karayila
Mustafa Yeter
Zohre Yeter
Huseyin Ozgur
Emrah Yeter
Gulay Yeter
Mehmet Yeter
Sercan Onur
Meral Kavagdan
Yilmaz Yeter
Meryem Karayilan
Mehmet Aglan
Kasim Oscan
Huseyin Afas
M Karayilan
Cengiz Aksoy
Haydar Karyilan
Meral Karyilan
Serkan Akbas
Fatag Kerayilan
Zilan Karayilan
Ali Engin Kurt
Xazal Karayyin
Gokhan Ozcan
Reyiha Karyu
S Gurses
Inci Tas
Z Gurses
Eray Bahuas
Huseyin Yuksel
Selma Dogan
Zuzo Canpulat
Hagan Karayilan
Hasan Eren
Kayo Dag
Sinan Olkun
Reyhan Olkun
Haton Olkun
Salman Hazar
Kenon Ersus
Remziye Ersus
Fatma Sahin
Fadime Dogan
Mendise Oztas
Sebahat Akdogan
Mecit Topal
Radimic Kilic
Kazim Kilic
Soner Koyuncu
Yasan Pirbudalc
Huseyin Goksu
Hulya Dag
Nurgul Kaya
Salih Kaya
Zulgu Sagir Zily
Mustafa Has
Sunbal Denming
Hali Koz
Ibrahim Dogus
Huseyin Polat
Ismaili Ali
Esma Keles
Mustafa Gicek
Heteeftn Kemal
Tuneey Arslan
Ahmet Akyun
Cafan Caeil
Karn Demtay
Asiye Has
Murat Has
Nesli Asan
Kelu Yubisim
Ali Yesilkaya
Alamettin Menekse
Hidayet Yeter
Zeynep Demir
Suheyla Sonai
Ali Doymoz
Sekru Dogan
Huseyin Kuraman
W Jamal
Lindsey Bentt
Kila Marietie
Khan Alsiraia
Amerisa McFarland
Sivan Bekem
Huseyin Ulger
Fazil Firat
Senia Oshirl
Hasan Kasplar
Ahmet Demirci
D Donirci
Sidik Basbaydaz
M Zaka Karar
Taylan Aydogdu
Nazir Kopfur
Hamifu Alapoz
Bulent Eker
Abdulkadir Danis
Abdullah Turgent
Osman Gumus
Dirol Aksoy
Huseyin Yeni
Ahmet Ayfag
Suleyman Demir
Bilgen Hatay
Abidin Hatay
Ayseenler Dogan
Zeynep Dogan
Siqmagul Dogan
Sevinc Dogan
Aliriza Dogan
Yasamer Dogan
Ozan Dogan
Kemal Barut
Naim Ozdemis
Selda Kog
Havva Sahan
Hasan Sahan
Imam Bakir Dogan
Ulas Gumus
Gulden Eroln
Abdulatti Khaled
Ali Yeldoru
Fadime Caran
K Caran
S Sogut
M Pekin
Sioban O‚Gorman
P O‚Gorman (SWP)
Alan Donkin (SWP)
C Rosenberg (SWP)
Peter Hughes (UNISON)
Mostafa Bigari
Ben Seeley (SWP)
Jim Fugon (SWP)
Bob Pether (SWP)
Darzan Amami
Mike Fowler
Vicky Birch
Lee Pratt (SWP)
Marlow Doherty (SWP)
Carole Haines (SWP)
Dave Smith (SA)
Paul Quirk (SWP/ People Not Profit)
Ruiridh Maclean (SWP)
Ann Barrett (SWP)
Jane Birch (SWP)
N. J. Gold (SWP)
J Benson
J Brewster (MSF)
O Yildiz (SWP)
Derrick Hibbett (SWP)
S Marsden (NATFHE)
Celia Hutchison (SWP)
A Rose (SWP)
Alia Dash
Maddy Cooper (SA)
Jeremy Langford (MSF)
Mike Alakija (CAT)
B Englass (SWP)
Michael Holcath
Paul Ketley (SWP/SA)
Dave Charlton (ISO, Australia)
Bejimin Mossop
Keith Fry (SWP)
C. T. Bowles
Mick Duggan (UNISON)
A Stewart
I Edge
Adam Bell
Mark Evans
Laura Tueddell
A Hornby
Mark Harrison
Carol Ives(NATFHE)
F Montemassi
Julia Drummond
A Barlow
M Cuea
Ailvan Fucis (Scottish Socialist Alliance/ Palestinian Solidarity Campaign)
Andrew Gibbons (MSF)
Ben Robinson (Globalise Resistance)
S Kincard (NUT)
Gary McFarlene (SWP)
Clarence Jackman (SWP)
James Cookson (People Not Profit)
Clare Fermont
Solomon Hughes (NUJ)
Linda Kancher
Ahmed Khan
Zahir Aziz
Ajaz Ser
Muhammad Azam
Sulman Jewdat
Muhammad Argan
Saira Akhtar
Mohammed Sarwan
E Lees
Rugayyah Dawood
Yasin Hussm
Abdullah Al-Murwick
Samir Cobos
Ibrahim Cobos
Ismael Ruiz
Terri Edwards
Simon Bird
David Bird
Patricia Bird
J Bird
D Bird
Wendy Gilley
Salil Chowdhary
John Hutchins
Beverly Hindle
James Cameron
Adrian Begon
Lilian Garcia
Neil Roberts
Stuart Capstick
Ann-Marie Hillbourne
James Reed
Richard Moulson
Anoop Kapoor
Grant Frape
Philip McGregor
Medhi Sunderji
Rachel Bird
Jonathan Jardine
Kesuk Sorg
Catherine Yap
Hassan Akmaz
Evy Varsamopolou
Stuart Hearne
Arnold Jaimes
Samia Botmeh
Claudine Biswas
Sarah Sharkey
Alan Fossey
Frances Tesser
E Carole
Leana Hosea
D Turner
Martyn Turner
Manuela Sykes
Carolyn Gelenter
Nahid Behzadi
Tom Coates
Syd Boltan
John Edenn
Robbie Griffiths
Nella Cerramella
Jenny McArthur
George Hajifanis
A White
Dorothy Stein
Wiyah Ishak
Hamdt Sag
Simeon Andrews
Raga Woods
Michael Mantas
Bhima Auro
Keith Parkiss
Line Engbo Gissel
Graham Brook
Roy Silver
Namita Chakrabarty
Zena Papaphoti
Helen Chambers
Patricia Wheeler
Elinor N Chatham
Diane Jones
Clayton Elliott
T Shapur
N Francis
Natalie Gupta
M Zonouzi
Ulrike S Vieten
Brendan Gallagher
Beverley McFarlane
Carol Lloyd
Ron Briefel
Nina Yural-Davis, writer, lecturer
George Short
Ed McArthur
James Badcock
Sheila Triggs
Julianne Hickey