Campaigning on legislation

This page contains details of recent CAMPACC campaigns against UK parliamentary legislation and our submissions to committees and inquiries:

Punishment without trial
UK anti-terror laws create new crimes of association with a broadly defined 'terrorism', while also authorising punishment without trial, thus denying due process of law.  Punishments take the following forms: detention, control orders, deportation orders, freezing of bank accounts, restrictions on travel, withdrawal of UK passports, etc.  Such punishment is based on 'evidence' which need not be tested in court - or which can even be kept secret, supposedly on grounds of 'national security'.  See also the Coalition against Secret Evidence (CASE)

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Oppose the Counter Terrorism Act 2008

The fifth Counter-Terrorism Act since 2000 was passed in 2008 containing many extensions to the injustice of ‘anti-terror powers’, which make exceptions to normal criminal law, especially protection of suspects.

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