Links to organisations working on civil liberties and censorship and organisations working in coalition with, or supported by, CAMPACC.

Amnesty International
'working to protect human rights worldwide'

Andy Worthington
Author and Journalist focusing on detention without trial in the UK and abroad.

Association of Muslim Lawyers
Chronicling news and events related to Balochistan

Raising awareness of the plight of the cage prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, through effective legal means.

Campaign against Racism and Facism (CARF)
An excellent resource

Campaign for Free Assembly
A group of individuals campaigning against the existing legislation restricting our freedom to assemble and the continued police repression of protest.

Climate Rush
100 years ago the Suffragettes rushed Parliament and demanded change. Now it's our turn. Join the climate rush and demand the social and climate justice that we need.

Coalition against Secret Evidence (CASE)
Set up in February 2009, CASE is made up of individuals and organisations working on the issue of the use of secret evidence in the UK courts.

Concious Clothing
Conscious Clothing Brighton design unique conscious designs, which focus upon Environment, civil liberty's, anti-war and the subvertising of unscrupulous corporations. The clothing is made of Hemp, Bamboo and Organic Cotton. 50% of web based Conscious T/Shirt sales go to support the campaign against climate change and to support peace initiatives within Israel and Palestine.

Fair Trials UK
Up-to-date articles and news on detainees in Britain and the Anti-Terrorism legislation

Green Party

Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers

Harold Pinter Homepage
World famous playwright and CAMPACC supporter. Sadly missed.

Ilisu Dam Campaign Refugee Project

Institute for Race Relations
Articles and report and a weekly news digest that you can subscribe to.

Index on Censorship
Venerable journal.

Indymedia UK
Alternative reporting

'an all-party, law reform and human rights organisation'

"Protecting civil liberties, promoting human rights." Works in association with CAMPACC and very active on the issues.

Muslims in Britain

National Guantanamo Coalition
Bringing together campaigning groups to jointly raise awareness of, and campaign for the issue of Imprisonment Without Trial in Guantanamo Bay and similar US prisons around the world.

A new campaign to stop the introduction of ID cards

Paul Donovan
The blog of Paul Donovan who writes a weekly column in the Irish Post and Universe newspapers. He also contributes to the Guardian, Independent, Tribune, Morning Star and New Statesman on social justice issues.

Pax Christie
Worldwide Catholic Peace Movement

Peace and Progress
'For a Government of Peace. In defence of International Law, Democratic and Human Rights. For Peace and Disarmament.'

The Refugee Project
A UK coalition of environmental, human rights and development groups - has been working for the past two years to document links between the creation of refugees and British foreign policy and company activity and to provide a platform where refugees can voice their own histories. This work has now been brought together in a book, Listen to The Refugee's Story - How UK Foreign Investment Creates Refugees and Asylum Seekers, which highlights the broad links between enforced migration and global economic processes.
An information source about the restrictions on protest around Parliament and elsewhere under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.

An organisation using the law to enforce the human rights of prisoners, from death row to Guantánamo Bay.

One of UK's longest running protest sites.

Scotland against Criminalising Communities
Campacc's sister group in Scotland

Spies, Lies and the War on Terror
The advent of the War on Terror has seen intelligence agencies emerge out of the shadows to become major political players.  'Rendition', untrammelled surveillance, torture and detention without trial are now fast becoming the norm.  Spies, Lies and the War on Terror traces the transformation of intelligence from a tool for law enforcement to a means of avoiding the law - both national and international. By Paul Todd, Patrick Fitzgerald & Jonathan Bloch.

"Monitoring the state and civil liberties in the European Union."

Statewatch News
Go straight to their news service.

Stop the War Coalition