Mass Lone Demos

Protesting against the ban on unauthorised protests around Parliament

CAMPACC helped Mark Thomas and friends staged a series of protests around Parliament mocking the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. SOCPA was introduced essentialy to prevent one lone person (Brian Haw) from protesting in Parliament Square. While the law failed to stop Brian Haw protesting, it has significantly restricted protests in the 'designated area' around Parliament and created a 'chilling effect' that undermines the right to protest around Parliament but also elsewhere.

See for information on the ban on unauthorised protest around Parliament.

Mark Thomas on Mass Lone demos in the New Statesman, April 2007

Police deal with protest deluge, BBC, 24 August 2006

Watch video of Mark Thomas speaking at the CAMPACC "Reclaiming our rights" conference on 2nd Dec 2006.

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Photos: top -SOCPA April 2007 Demo
bottom - first "Mass Lone Demo" takes place in Parliament Square, August 2006