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We deplore the police entry into the Ecuadorian embassy to drag out Julian Assange and to arrest him. This was only possible because of the despicable act of the current Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno who has reneged on the granting of unconditional political asylum to Assange in 2012 by the previous government of President Rafael Correa. His confinement in the embassy was found by the United Nations to be a case of “arbitrary detention” in violation of international law in 2016. Assange’s removal by British authorities came just as the UN expert on torture announced his intention to visit him also noting that his extradition to the US was a real risk.


IHRC's latest briefing looks at what was missing in UK Counter-terrorism chief, Neil Basu's comments on the link between mainstream media portrayal of Muslims and far-right attacks. It looks at the run up to the Finsbury Park attack in the UK in 2017, giving links to articles which demonised the event Osborne initially targeted. Islamic Human Rights Commission, 26 March


Human rights advocates are blasting what they call the “PREVENT lobby” for exploiting the New Zealand massacre in order to expand the powers of the national security state. Former counter-terror chief Mark Rowley and former ‘integration tsar’ Louise Casey recently wrote an article calling for more powers to fight terrorism. Mohamed Elmaazi, The Canary, 22 March 2019


Activist Moazzam Begg has placed the massacre of at least 50 Muslims in New Zealand into its wider context, blaming advocates of the so-called ‘War on Terror’ for actually ‘generating’ such far-right terrorism. The Canary, Mohamed Elmaazi, 19 March 2019


Non-Jewish German people have been smearing Jewish people (from both Germany and Israel) as antisemites. Why? Because of their activism for Palestinian human rights. The Canary, Mohamed Elmaazi, 19 March 2019


After becoming the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy, Narendra Modi visited the United Kingdom in 2015, and what a welcome he received! Almost 60,000 British Indians from 450 community groups attended his rockstar reception at the Wembley stadium. About 800 performers participated in the free concert that preceded Modi’s speech, and he was introduced on stage by the then British Prime Minister David Cameron. Since his visit coincided with the Diwali festival, it also featured what has been billed as one of London’s largest ever firework displays. How did Modi, a man on the banned-visa list of the United Kingdom for his alleged direct connection to the 2002 Gujarat pogrom in which about 1000 Muslims were murdered, achieve such celebrity status? The Telegraph (India), Adrija Dey, Chandni Chawla and Siddharth Chakravarty, 14 March 2019


You will find below the text of an open letter from Statewatch and four other NGOs calling on MEPs in the European Parliament's Civil Liberties Committee to oppose the requirement for mandatory fingeprinting in a proposed EU Regulation on identity cards and travel documents. - Statewatch, 8 March 2019


With the increasing mobilisation of Far Right forces in recent years, antisemitic attacks have become a more serious threat. However, a high-profile campaign has disgracefully targeted an ‘antisemitism problem’ in the Labour Party and the wider Palestine solidarity movement. For nearly three years, the movement has been countering the false allegations. - IHRC, 2 February 2019


Before the fateful date of Jan. 22, fewer than 1-in-5 Venezuelans had heard of Juan Guaidó. Only a few months ago, the 35-year-old was an obscure character in a politically marginal far-right group closely associated with gruesome acts of street violence. Even in his own party, Guaidó had been a mid-level figure in the opposition-dominated National Assembly, which is now held under contempt according to Venezuela’s constitution. - Consortium News, 29 January 2019


We, the undersigned, call for an immediate end to the solitary confinement of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and other political prisoners in Turkey who are being held in gross violation of their human rights and of the norms of the internationally agreed-upon Mandela Rules. International Initiative – Freedom for Ocalan – Peace in Kurdistan & Peace in Kurdistan Campaign, 12 January 2019


The Integrity Initiative has mobilized an international disinformation campaign across Europe. Now, with government and right-wing foundation money, this massive “political smear unit” is infiltrating the US. - naked capitalism, 10 January 2019


Dark money is among the greatest current threats to democracy. It means money spent below the public radar, that seeks to change political outcomes. It enables very rich people and corporations to influence politics without showing their hands. - The Guardian, 7 December 2018


Join us for a talk and Q&A with Gary Kinsman, a long-time queer liberation, anti-poverty, Palestine solidarity and anti-capitalist activist living on Indigenous land in Canada. - 12 November 2018


On 26 September, a tribunal ruled that British spy agencies broke the law by storing and reviewing data belonging to Privacy International (PI). - Mohamed Elmaazi, The Canary; 27 September 2018


MI5 admitted to spying on Privacy International (PI) using illegal surveillance powers on 25 September. And the advocacy group says GCHQ and the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), also known as MI6, have too. - Mohamed Elmaazi, The Canary; 26 September 2018

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